Saturday, 16 April 2011

titanic exhibition O2

Went with my nephew to see this exhibition today,  cost £17 which is a little expensive but was a fascinating exhibition.
we were given a boarding pass when we went in and we were both 1st class passengers,  i was Mrs H Bishop aged 19,  had a dog called frue frue and i was pregnant,(oh to be 19 again),  my 23 yr old nephew was a 49yr old first class passenger.  you have to wait till the end of the exhibit to see if you survive,  i was lucky i survived the sinking but my nephew perished.
some parts were a little eerie when you think that people actually used the jewellry and coins that they found and some of the crockery they found is almost untouched and you have to remind yourself as you go around that real people actually experienced that terrible tragedy and its not just a story
we walked round for nearly 2 and half hours and i am now shattered but am off to the British Museum tomorrow for more walking

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